Fulora Foundation

Mobile School

The Mobile School initiative is a tribute to the skill and willpower of the street children of Mumbai. The children will have opportunity to earn a livelihood out of its creative works done by them which will eventually make them independent, self-reliant and content. Our Aim is to give these children a source of livelihood and his sense of dignity instead of letting them being exploited at the hands of their employer. MOBILE SCHOOL is a small step taken by us to partially reform their lives into something meaningful, and later on these children themselves would lead to their complete refinement, which is our dream.


These creative souls will learn drawing, crafts, painting, sketching, sculpting, pottery, ceramic jewelry, embossing, mehendi, cartooning, calligraphy, caricaturing, Dari making, embroidery, tapestry, beautician course, flower making, fabric painting, knitting, sewing etc. Street Children attending the classes are given free meals and primary medical aids.

We organize exhibitions consisting of handicrafts and other such things such as paper Mache, diaries, envelopes, table matt, decorative papers, cushion covers, wall hanging, paper bags, calendars, small frames, pen box cases, greeting cards, scenery postures, wooden toys etc.

All the articles are reasonably priced and the proceeds of the same will go towards the education and development of street children of Mumbai. The revenue earned would go in further rehabilitation of these children.

A little bit from all of us will brighten up the lives of these lost souls.