Fulora Foundation

Jal-Aadhar 2016

Marathwada Region is hit by an unprecedented drought and while the attention is justifiably focused on Latur District, the neighboring district of Beed is equally affected. In Beed district, there are 11 tehsils consisting of 1400 villages and a population of around 3.3 million. Beed is one of the seven districts in Marathwada devastated by drought for three years in a row.

People have to go miles in over 40°C of heat and yet find no water, wells have dried up, and people are dying due to thirst. The water shortage in the region has meant that, every member of the family and even children are forced to make multiple trips to the nearest water source in the blazing heat. Villagers have to patiently coax the water from an almost dry pump for more than 30 minutes before a drop falls out to fill a single bucket. This year, sighting the adverse drought situation in the Beed district, Fulora has made a resolution to take up developmental efforts in multiple villages. Parli region has been selected as an ideal model, which can act as a reference point to those intending to undertake similar initiatives.

Our team monitor’s the delivery of water tankers through its local activists, to supply water to these parched lands and try to reach out to as many villages as possible. Through our local activists, social workers and local administration, we have created a detailed plan for the deprived villages, along with the population census.

This is only a temporary solution to the issue, but we intend at establishing sustainable models in the said region, to permanently curb such situations from arising in the future. We will soon commence primary activities such as: participate in the current water supply initiatives of the administration to provide water at least till the beginning of the monsoon, recharge the wells and boer-wells of every village to avert such future incidents, rain water harvesting, build canals and dams on rivers, repair existing lakes, etc. Our goal is to change the economy of this tehsil by managing water and other resources, as well as growing new crops, direct marketing of crops and doing value addition by having agricultural produce factories and cold storage. This can only happen when all stakeholders and technology come together with someone driving it all the way through.

We are continuously striving to achieve higher and higher targets with massive support from various organizations, institutes and varied sources that can assist our undertaking in an effective manner.