Global Parli

It is time to create a permanent solution, time to evolve to the “GLOBAL PARLI” project. Gandhiji used to say that every village should become self-sufficient. We think that villages are too small a unit to become self-sufficient, but if we were to take a group or cluster of villages, then we can make it almost complete.In Parli Tehsil, in the Beed district of Marathawada – we selected 15 of the worst-hit villages with total population of around 30,000 and have planned to create a cluster of villages called “GLOBAL PARLI”.

Our Goal:

Increase Per Capita Income Of Each Farmer By 250% In 3 Years.
Year 1 goal – Make these villages tanker-free and drought resistant forever.
Year 2 goal – Increase yield and ensure value addition to agriculture by putting up supply chain system, agro-plants, direct-to-customer sales, Ayurveda units, etc.
Year 3 goals – Create reverse migration models and focus on education, vocational training, health, sports, art and music.

Our Aim:

Sustainable solutions to develop cluster of 15 villages in a project called ‘Global Parli’ which includes; rainwater harvesting , bore recharge, water storage and management, education, medical, governance, cropping, marketing, Ayurveda, dairy, community farming etc. With the help of the villagers, we have completed rainwater harvesting and recharging of bore wells in 1 village and work in progress in 4 villages. Tremendous hard work is being put in for this historical nation-building project.