Fulora Foundation

Farmer Suicide Prevention & Empowerment Program

India is an agrarian country with around 60% of its people depending directly or indirectly upon agriculture. Farmer suicides account for 11.2% of all suicides in India. Suicide is often committed out of despair. Stress factor such as financial difficulties or troubles with interpersonal relationships often play a role.

Agriculture sector plays a pivotal role in Indian economy. It provides the principal means of livelihood for over 60 percent of India’s population. And hence, it is very essential to empower farmers to take on the challenges faced by them in their daily lives.

Farmer empowerment means providing with the ability and capacity to use local and international skills and knowledge to ensure a fair social and economical situation while preserving and conserving the environment. Fulora Foundation intents to improve the current conditions of the average Indian farmer and in this context Fulora would be undertaking various steps to fulfill the purpose it has vowed to accomplish.

The several activities that Fulora Foundation will instigate are as under:

  • Introduction of low cost but high yielding ancillary techniques to improve farming of secondary crops, along with principal crops.

  • Additional rural based activities for farmer household in rural India for additional revenue generation.

  • Provision of technology and setting up distribution mechanism for the goods and products created by farmer household. This system will not be based on existing schemes of KVIC (Khadi and Village Industries Commission), MSSIDC (Maharashtra Small Scale Industries Development Corporation), etc.

  • Creation of special solar powered Ham radio systems in local language, supported through web.

  • Arrangement of webinars for resolving problems arising from the rural areas of India.

  • Web based counseling support to all of the Indian rural population with the assistance of young college students, through video conferencing.

  • Web based counseling support to all of the Indian rural population with the assistance of young college students, through video conferencing.

  • Provision of solar powered fencing for farms and fields, to minimize wild card entry of animals from adjacent forests.

  • Plantation of edible variety of Cactus which can be fed to Cow's which increases the volume of Cow milk that can really help farmers in great way. Since Cactus doesn't need water, it can easily grow on the boundaries of the fields.

  • Ayurveda plants such as Korfad can be grown on the sides of the farms fields which again do not required water.

  • There are two varieties of Chicken available in present market one is Native (Deshi) other is English. Now a days, there is a third variety available which is a mix of deshi & English. (English chicken doesn't lay eggs but this new variety lays eggs and grows very fast. It also looks like a deshi chicken and taste also like deshi. 2 weeks grown Chicks are available even if 50% females and 50% male can be sold in the market and remaining can be used for Eggs.

  • Tissue culture grown plants supply program for farmers to reduce the fatality.

Fulora has initiated the ‘Farmer Suicide Prevention & Farmer Empowerment Program’ for which it had organized a special screening of a very unique marathi movie ‘Kapus Kondyachi Goshta’ - a warm and heart touching film on the topic of ‘plight faced by farmers in India’, on Saturday 9th January, 2016 at Yashwantrao Chavan Pratishthan, Gen.Jagannathrao Bhosale Marg, Nariman Point, Mumbai – 400021

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