Fulora Foundation

Mumbai – Pune Expressway Health Camp 29th March 2016

The numbers of people, who are in constant need of medical aid, are on a rise in India. The basic medical facilities are scarce; the supply never meets the demand. This segment needs high on priority attention in order to curb the imbalance of demand and supply.

Taking action on the said issue, Fulora Foundation – Road Marshal’ with the support of Highway Traffic Police, IRB & MSRDC holds periodical medical camps which cater to the immediate health requirements of the travelers, drivers and police officers on the Mumbai – Pune Expressway. One such activity was conducted on 29th March 2016 at Khalapur food court, Mumbai – Pune expressway.

A great deal of help came in from the doctors of Seven Hills Hospital, Andheri, who provided treatments for: BMI, kidney stone, fever, cold, cough, blood pressure, chest pain & eye examination, all free of cost to the dozens of patients who flooded the venue. Also, volunteers from Cummins India Ltd. aided the doctors for a smoother work flow which proved to be of great value when it came to managing the mob.