Fulora Foundation

Fulora is extending a helping hand to the drought victims.

Parli selected for the first phase: meeting held in the context of organizing activities.

Parli: Fulora Foundation a Mumbai based NGO is always aggressive in social work. This year, sighting the adverse drought situation in the Beed district, Fulora has taken up the resolution to take up developmental efforts in multiple villages. Parli region has been selected as an ideal model, which can act as a reference point to those intending to undertake similar initiatives. An initial meet, regarding the planning stage, was conducted at the Dnyaneshwar Hospital, Parli Vaijanath on the 24th of April, 2016.

In the meeting, Fulora declared that the work will commence as soon as possible avoiding any kind of delay. The primary activities to be undertaken by Fulora are: participate in the current water supply initiatives of the administration to provide water at least till the beginning of the monsoon, recharge the wells and boer-wells of every village to avert such future incidents, dig lakes at the bottom of mountain slopes to collect rain water, build canals and dams on rivers, repair existing lakes and also plant trees such as mango, banyan, pipal, tamarind and many more at various spots which can provide employment opportunities to the villagers. All these objectives were discussed during the meeting, the operations for which will soon begin by Fulora.