Fulora Foundation

Holi Special 2016

Holi – festival of colors, but is it true for everyone? Does it really fill bright colors of joy into every individual’s life? The answer is no. There are many people who can’t afford this small pleasure. This is what Fulora Foundation thought of changing this year.

On the occasion of Holi, Fulora organized a small holi bash for the street children of Andheri (E). This event was held at the most ideal place in town where the kids would experience a sense of freedom and glee, Juhu Beach. The children were extremely delighted to be a part of an event which was designed only keeping them in mind. They were provided with colors only, main idea being to play a waterless holi. Snacks and drinks were also served to the kids after a tiring colorful session. These 30 odd kids were under the watchful eye of the 12 volunteers, who spared their precious time to undertake the responsibility of the children’s safety. The volunteers made sure the children keep their surroundings clean by demonstrating the use of garbage bags to collect the after snacks litter.

Fulora intended to spread the message of ‘Save Water.Save Life’ and encourage everybody to play a dry holi this year, due to the drought situation enveloping Maharashtra. In order to spread awareness about the good deeds executed by Fulora, a local news channel ‘Lemon TV’ covered the entire event.