Inner strength and positivity, helps overcome obstacles.

Anagha at Fulora Foundation’s Farmer
Suicide Prevention & Empowerment
Program, 9th January 2016.

It’s not every day that one comes across inspirational stories in their daily life. Stories that motivate you to be courageous, to never give up, to stand right back up after a fall, to always keep moving no matter what the circumstances. Stories which are so very real that you can almost feel Goosebumps when you hear them. Such is the story of Anagha, who lost her eyesight after contracting dengue.

Anagha Modak, an RJ by profession is a person who is always self motivated to do better and also spreads this motivation to others, through her infectious positivity. She has been battling blindness since 1.5 years, when she was infected with dengue in 2014. She believes that this is not a permanent state, as the treatment is still on and that God will surely help her to revive.

Since childhood, under the influence of her father and family’s culture, she could fluently chant all Sanskrit shloks and had inculcated the love for music, public speaking and reading. Due to these interests that developed in her, she aspired to be a News reporter some day. As she grew older, her speaking skills were highly appreciated by her teachers in school and college. And so along with her journalism studies, she was greatly involved in various activities such as dubbing, voice over, anchoring, writing, etc.

It was in 2013 that the first tragedy struck, when her father passed away and the second one being in 2014, the dengue blindness. These were very hard times for her and her family. A girl, who was always busy with work and passionate about driving, was all of a sudden confined to the four walls of her home. During the worst period of her life, she was constantly and dedicatedly supported by her mother, brother, aunt, friends and teachers. They encouraged her to continue with activities which involved her greatest asset, her voice!

The encouragement received from all the people who loved her, generated a positive attitude within her. This helped her to move on with her life. Today, she is a successful RJ, writes poems and magazine articles with help from friends and tutors 10th grade students. She is of the belief that, there is some unseen force, a God like energy working for her which always assists her through thick and thin.

Anagha had never imagined that her life to be what it is today. Her recommendation to everyone is that, “One should never fuss about their problems. Problems are a part of life, they come and go. God gives you problems because he knows you are capable of handling them. Problems are all in the mind and the only way of overcoming them is through internal strength and self trust.”

So, on this day, let us all hope for greater strength for women all over the world. It is this strength which helps women to tackle such difficulties. And all women, not just for one day but every day should consider themselves to be special, so that every day is a celebration; every day is Women’s Day!

- Mallika Palande.